A Simple & Efficient
Alternative to Basecamp

Project management and team collaboration in a single dashboard. Superior overview + No navigation = Faster execution
SquidHub collaboration interface
What users say about SquidHub on Capterra

We love your tool, I was tired of having to use 3 platforms (Slack, Asana and Evernote), and with SquidHub we can just do all in one platform.
- Francisco Sanchez

I actually think Squidhub could be one of the best business tools out there. The layout is truly fantastic and well thought out. A few feature updates would make it top of your field.
- Tracie, Vintage Works

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Simplicity & Speed

Finding your way around Basecamp can be tricky. You quickly spend lots of time navigating between tabs. Or trying to find the information you're looking for.

SquidHub is built around simplicity & speed. There's no navigation. Everything's right in front of you. And the powerful search engine makes it easy to find what you're looking for.

The simple and easy-to-use interface in SquidHub makes teams move faster
With SquidHub you can easily collaborate with external guests and other organizations

Easy Collaboration Across Organizations

You can invite external members and guests to collaborate on a project in both Basecamp and SquidHub. But successfully onboarding new people in Basecamp can be difficult.

SquidHub is built on well-known concepts - and due to the simple interface with no navigation, your team can continue progressing your project within minutes after you've started using SquidHub.

A cheaper alternative to Basecamp

Basecamp offers a 30 day trial after which you have to pay $99/month.

In comparison, SquidHub offers you a free core platform. And you can upgrade for as little as $4.99 user/month.

SquidHub is a simpler, easier and cheaper alternative to Basecamp

A simple and efficient alternative to Basecamp