Throw the spookiest Halloween party

Organize your best Halloween party ever - fast and easy. Let SquidHub give you a hand with inspiration, organization and a way to keep track of everything you need.
SquidHub and Squidee wishes you a happy halloween

Costumes and Decoration

Turn your lamps into ghosts and your candles into mummies. We have collected a long list of great ideas for costumes, decorations and everything else needed to make your Halloween party a success! SquidHub even allows you to add new items to the list and invite friends to share their ideas. Easy collaboration!

Food and drinks

And do not forget those delicous treats. Easy-to-make Halloween pumpkin shots and ghost cookies. Enough inspiration to make your head explode.... with ideas **evil laugh**. We have organized a SquidHub group just for you and filled it up with tutorials, cake recipes and house decoration.

SquidHub Halloween food and drink inspiration
SquidHub Halloween Trick Or Treat

Make it perfect!

Invite your friends to help you make it a blast. In the special SquidHub Halloween group, tasks can be assigned so that everybody knows what to bring. And most importantly you can have one place to discuss your ideas, scary stories and make everything perfect.