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Ratings and reviews from SquidHub users on Capterra

We love your tool, I was tired of having to use 3 platforms (Slack, Asana and Evernote), and with SquidHub we can just do all in one platform.
- Francisco Sanchez

I actually think Squidhub could be one of the best business tools out there. The layout is truly fantastic and well thought out. A few feature updates would make it top of your field.
- Tracie, Vintage Works

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Why a Microsoft Strategy is expensive... and counter-productive

Lots of companies follow a Microsoft only strategy. It may initially make sense from a gut-feeling: "Fewer platforms is cheaper, and will make us more productive." However...

... you'll quickly realize that your team constantly switch between apps, search for content etc. And that lots of time is spend on trying to collaborate with people outside your organization.

SquidHub is build around simplicity to make your team move faster

Simplicity & Speed

SquidHub is made up of the 3 core project components any team needs: Messages, Files and Tasks.

Access to these in a single dashboard means
= No navigation
= Clear structure
= Superior overview
= Easy-to-use
= Consistent setup across teams
==> Clarity for all team members + Faster projects

Improve Your Profitability

“Employees working together more collaboratively is the number one factor impacting profitability". This is the result of a survey among executives in 258 US companies (by Google for Work).

Give your employees the right tool. SquidHub is built to maximize the speed of your team collaboration and increase profitability.

SquidHub has a positive effect on your companies profitability
SquidHub helps your team spend their time wisely and be more productive

What if your team...

Didn't waste time on:
- Looking for documents
- Searching their inbox
- Figuring out who are doing what
- Trying to collaborate with people outside your organization...

How much is your team's time worth?
Use their valuable time wisely.

Immediate ROI

You can immediately start using SquidHub. It's plug and play. There's no setup, no roll-out and no need for training.

Close collaboration, a great overview and clarity will help you deliver projects faster (and spend less on external consultants). So you should experience an immediate ROI using SquidHub.

SquidHub provides an immediate ROI to the organizations using the platform

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