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One Dashboard

SquidHub is a hub for your projects and teams. One central solution which lets you easily structure your content and projects.

For each team you have a single dashboard. It includes a shared todo list, file sharing and a team messenger.

SquidHub has a single dashboard with easy access to messages, tasks and files
SquidHub delivers a team messenger, direct messages and one-click video calls in an easy-to-use solution

Team Messenger & Direct Messages

The team messenger makes your communication immediately organized - instead of having to try and control an inbox with a mix of internal and external communication across several projects.

You can also send direct one-on-one messages - without leaving your group.

A Central File Hub

Easily link to documents on Office365, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box - or upload files directly to SquidHub.

No matter which service you and your customers use, you can easily share, organize and find your files again in SquidHub.

Create Google Docs, Sheets and Slides directly from SquidHub
SquidHub includes a simple, intuitive todo list on web and mobile

A Shared Task List

A beautiful and simple todo list with everything you need.

☑️ Todos, Subtasks and Sections.
☑️ Deadline and Reminders.
☑️ Recurring todos.
☑️ Multiple assignees.
☑️ Notes.
☑️ Attachments.

Web, iPhone and Android

SquidHub is a cross-platform solution. Everything stays in sync so you can continue where you left. No matter whether you're in the office or on the road.

This makes juggling teams and projects across several geographies and time zones a real breeze.

SquidHub is available on web, iPhone and Android
SquidHub lets you easily invite and collaborate with guest and external organizations

Guests & External Members

You can invite external members to collaborate on your projects instead of trying to manage your projects from the inbox.

This makes customer, vendor and partner
collaboration faster and more dynamic.

Powerful Search

The search functionality is an elegant feature
which filters the content across all 3 boards.

Search for a single word and you'll find
all related tasks, files and messages.

Simple, intuitive and powerful!

Search one time and you'll see all task, files and messages in SquidHub related to that keyword
SquidHub lets you control who can do what inside your team

Detailed Access Control

As a Premium member you get a more detailed permission control through the Admin, Coordinator, Member and Guest roles.

This allows you to define who can invite new team members, edit the todo list, add and delete files, send messages etc.


Get a bird's eye view across all your teams and projects with the calendar. Toggle projects on/off to see what's relevant to you.

You can sync with Google Calendar (if you like).
The Outlook Calendar integration is coming soon.

A calendar merged with your task lists from all your projects is available in SquidHub
SquidHub provides one-click video calls with Jitsi

Video Conferences &
Screen Sharing

One-click video calls (including screen sharing) is available through our integration with Jitser.

No more need for installation of apps or plugins to run a meeting with your team.

Data stored inside EU

Your data is stored inside Europe. We provide a secure and reliable solution with backup and 99,9% uptime.

Please contact us if you need dedicated servers.

SquidHub stores all data inside EU
SquidHub is plug and play without installation, configuration and expensive rollouts

Plug and Play

Create an account and you're up and running. No setup needed. No difficult or time consuming integrations to other services.

Our users say that SquidHub is easy-to-use and the collaboration platform with the flattest learning curve.

Happy Collaboration!

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