An Efficient Alternative to Trello

SquidHub gives you efficient team collaboration in a single dashboard. Trello leaves you dependent on other apps like Slack, Google Drive etc.
Trello vs. SquidHub - Task management vs. All-in-one team collaboration app
Ratings and reviews on Capterra by users of SquidHub

We love your tool, I was tired of having to use 3 platforms (Slack, Asana and Evernote), and with SquidHub we can just do all in one platform.
- Francisco Sanchez

I actually think Squidhub could be one of the best business tools out there. The layout is truly fantastic and well thought out. A few feature updates would make it top of your field.
- Tracie, Vintage Works

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Maximize the speed of your team collaboration

Trello is a visual task manager (only). So to collaborate in a team, you're dependent on lots of other tools. A quite inefficient setup.

SquidHub includes the 3 core project components any team needs: Messages, Files and Tasks. Spend less time switching between apps. More time making real progress.

Ratings and reviews on Capterra by users of SquidHub
SquidHub's simple interface help teams move faster and provides a great overview

Simplicity & Speed

Access to your messages, files and tasks in a
single dashboard means
= No navigation
= Clear structure
= Superior overview
= Easy-to-use
= Consistent setup across teams
==> Clarity for all team members + Faster projects

Team Messenger, Direct Messages and Video Calls

SquidHub gives you an easy-to-use team messenger. And you can have several direct one-on-one messages open on top of your team messenger.

You also have access to one-click video calls with screen sharing.

SquidHub comes with a team messenger, direct messages and one-click video calls
SquidHub's task list is mobile friendly and easy-to-use for anybody

To Kanban - or Not to Kanban?

SquidHub is not a Kanban tool. However, you can use categories (to break down the todo list in sections), to achieve the same result as in a Kanban board.

The benefit of a list (instead of a Kanban board)?
☑️ It's mobile friendly (which Kanban boards are not).
☑️ All team members instantly know how to use it.
☑️ You get reminders (which Trello doesn't).
☑️ You can find the needed document (without first having to know which task it is attached to).

Organize your files in a central hub

Trello lets you attach files to cards. But you can't organize your files, so finding documents can quickly become tricky. You need to know exactly which card a document was attached to.

SquidHub, however, works as a central file hub. You can easily link to documents on Office365, SharePoint, Dropbox or Google Drive. And you can easily organize and find your files again.

Create Google Docs, Sheets and Slides directly from SquidHub
SquidHub help companies increase their profitability

Maximize Speed & Deliver Results

“Employees working together more collaboratively is the number one factor impacting profitability". This is the result of a survey among executives in 258 US companies (by Google for Work).

Give your employees the right tool. SquidHub is built to maximize the speed of your team collaboration and increase profitability.

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