Why SquidHub?

We (the founders) came from a Microsoft based world. Where companies followed a Microsoft strategy.

We saw how incredibly talented people in high performing teams were sub performing due to the technical setup and structure.

So we quitted our day time jobs and started out asking ourselves:
โ€œHow can we build the worst collaboration platform ever?โ€

1. Make it complex
Let's make it so complex to understand and use that it will take each user months to get started. And ultimately ensure they don't use the product.

2. Waste people's time
Let's make sure that each person using the platform is wasting their time, and it has a negative impact on the profitability of the company.

3. Limit the functionality (so you can only do one thing)
Let's ensure users can only do one thing with the platform, so they have to constantly switch between apps.

4. Limit the access
Let's make it so expensive that only few people from each team can access it. The rest rest of the team should be left in the dark. And additional effort should be added to the project manager to communicate and follow up with the team.

5. Increase stress and remove motivation
Let's do everything we can to make each team member stressed, make them feel that there is no progress and remove their motivation for doing a great job.


We then flipped it around and tried to do the exact opposite:
Creating a simple and easy-to-use platform which makes employees more productive, less stressed and more motivated - having a great overview with all the needed functionality available in a single place - easily accessible for all team members.
SquidHub logo

Behind the name...

1. Danish Term
Squid [skwid]: A Danish expression for a person who juggles many different projects and tasks at the same time.

2. Intelligent animal
Squids are highly intelligent. Did you know that squids "are famous for engaging in complex behavior, from unlocking an aquarium tank and escaping to instantaneous skin camouflage to hide from predators?"

3. Three Hearts
Did you know that Squids have 3 hearts? Guess why we have 3 central boards in SquidHub (messages, tasks and files) ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Flexible
It goes without further saying that squids are extremely flexible with their 8 arms and 2 tentacles. Just look at it!

5. Work can be fun (and should be)!
Because work doesnโ€™t have to sound boring and everyone can do with a little fun, humour and twinkle in the eye ๐Ÿ˜Š

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